Friday, February 3, 2012

Demanding Integrity and Accountability From President Obama's Administration Remains A Major Necessity For African American Voters in 2012


What brazen opportunism and calculated political cynicism by the White House this national organizing effort is! The current national black unemployment rate is 20% (the highest since 1982!) and RISING (the only national demographic population group whose rate is currently going UP instead of DOWN). Meanwhile MILLIONS of African Americans are also suffering from housing foreclosures and the national poverty rate is soaring with no end in sight. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Before anyone gets bent out of shape because I'm saying something that makes them "uncomfortable", "annoyed," or "angry" I hasten to point out that these are FACTS not mere petty accusations and SOMEONE has to be willing to acknowledge this grim reality in this election year because absolutely no "change" will happen until the actual depth and severity of these problems are fully recognized and dealt with in a serious manner.

REMEMBER: "THE PRESIDENT IS NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND"...and also please don't forget what Frederick Douglas said: "Power concedes nothing without a demand." You don't demand and fight for anything you damn sure won't get anything.
So while it's crystal clear that we MUST vote for Obama again this year because the deadly Republicans are even worse than he is, let's not fool ourselves that being trapped by this awful dilemma is evidence of real progress being made. BECAUSE IT'S NOT...Stay tuned...


‘African Americans for Obama’ Launches
By Tonya Garcia
February 2, 2012

To kick off Black History Month, President Barack Obama and his presidential reelection team has launched African Americans for Obama, a campaign that will go grassroots to build support for the President and, more importantly, encourage black voters to head to the voting booths in November.

The campaign will focus on targeting African Americans at places like beauty salons, barber shops, and HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities), targeting community leaders, business owners, and other influencers. The initiative will emphasize the accomplishments of the Obama administration and seeks to build on the President’s efforts to reaffirm ties with the black community. Issues such as unemployment, which has hit African-Americans very hard, are of particular interest.

Equality is also a big part of the messaging, with the President saying everything except “the 99 percent” in the video above.

The initiative is part of a larger effort, Operation Vote, that targets minority groups, the LGBT community, and others.

Separately but related, President Obama issued a statement yesterday that declared a theme for Black History Month this year: “Black Women in American Culture and History.”

“Today we stand on the shoulders of countless African-American women who shattered glass ceilings and advanced our common goals,” reads the President’s statement. Love!