Monday, March 24, 2014

Today Marks The 50th Anniversary Of the Public Staging Of the Critically Acclaimed Play 'Dutchman' by Amiri Baraka (aka Leroi Jones)


Today March 24, 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the public appearance of Amiri Baraka's (aka Leroi Jones) legendary and iconic play 'Dutchman' which made its debut at the Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC on March 24, 1964. Both critically acclaimed and publically attacked (as "controversial") Jones/Baraka won the coveted OBIE award in 1964 for the "best play off Broadway in the United States'. This extraordinary debut as a major American playwright catapulted Baraka to global fame and was the first of over 30 plays that he subsequently wrote and published (and sometimes staged) during his extraordinary literary career...


 Dutchman and The Slave:
Two Plays by Leroi Jones
William Morrow and Company, 1964
Leroi Jones (aka Amiri Baraka)