Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Response To Rayfield Waller's Letter


Thanks for the intellectual and political support for my work in this area and the substance of my response to Amiri. It's deeply appreciated. It's also good to know that someone is actually paying close attention to what's really going on and why and that they clearly understand what I'm actually saying and trying to say and do in my work as both activist and critic. We all have a lot of work to do to truly defeat the right and to seriously engage and when need be do a thoroughgoing critique and as you point out a NUANCED assessment of how we approach these political and ideological challenges strategically, tactically, and THEORETICALLY.

So thanks again brother for staying on point and doing the important WORK that we all must continue to pursue as the proto/neo fascist forces from the heinous Koch Brothers to the demagogic New American Brownshirts like Beck, Limbaugh, Gingrich, Palin, and Bachman and their Tea Party associates et al continue to sordidly "represent" them and their bigotry. As I've tried to say in well over 400 separate pieces that I've written and published over the past 3 years on these and many related issues we must remain crystal clear and focused on what really needs to be said and done in this society and culture and that includes STAYING ON AND IN BARACK OBAMA'S ASS-- not because we merely "envy" his obvious charisma, "blackness", intelligence, charm, and historical "firstness" (as far too may clueless and desperate positivists have falsely asserted uncritically on his behalf)--but because WE NEED TO. Needless to say our collective destiny as citizens in a country as dangerously divided and endlessly crisis ridden as this one demonstrates the stakes are far greater than the electoral fate of ANY single individual politician. The national U.S. Left had better wake up quick fast and in a hurry to what's really happening here or the immediate political and economic (AND cultural) future is truly bleak...Stay strong...