Friday, January 21, 2011

Tavis Smiley Hosts Important Political Forum at George Washington University--"America's Next Chapter"


This fascinating and very important three hour long panel discussion at George Washington University on January 13, 2011 was hosted and moderated by Tavis Smiley of PBS and featured a number of American intellectuals, journalists, scholars, political activists, and media pundits that includes a wide range of individuals from the left and right of the ideological spectrum with everyone from Dr. Cornel West-- who is magnificently lucid and is particularly on point in this forum--to other significant contributions by Arianna Huffington, David Frum, Dana Milbank, Maria Teresa Kumar, Maria Bartiromo, John Chen, and David Brody. Smiley and the various participants in this public forum are to be highly commended for a truly dynamic, contentious, HONEST, INFORMATIVE, and critically engaging discussion of the REAL issues facing the entire country and the ongoing series of very serious crises that President Obama, the larger Democratic Party, the right wing Republicans AND the general American Left are for the most part all equally responsible for not properly addressing and dealing with (whether we like it or agree with that assessment or not). Please check out the video link to the forum above and pass it on...