Saturday, January 12, 2008

Asian and Latino Voters

From my sister Deborah:

Since politics is mainly a numbers game (among other things), it would be interesting to see what the stats and voting habits are for Asians, Hispanics, and other people of color in general? I wonder if this will help support Obama's voting block.

My response:

A very good and important question and the painful answer is: NOT GOOD. For example in 2000 and 2004 45% of all Asian Americans voted for Bush and 43% of all Latino americans voted for Bush during those two elections. We can only hopE and pray that (especially) the Latinos (who now comprise the LARGEST MINORITY GROUP IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY--they are now 14% of the American population to the Blacks 13% WILL FINALLY WAKE UP FROM THEIR COLLECTIVE POLITICAL COMAS AND VOTE FOR OBAMA. But given these absurd numbers in the previous two elections there's no guarantee that will happen. The key for both of these groups (reminder: Asian Americans only comprise 3% of the national population and are not quite as key to all this as the Latinos) is that they weigh in on the side of Obama around the crucial issue of IMMIGRATION, which is a major issue in both communities. There's considerable political evidence which suggests that both groups are especially angry at Bush and the Republicans for not being politically supportive on this issue. So that's one very important area that MIGHT make them more supportive of Obama' (although ironically Edwards has a better record on this issue than either Obama or Hillary)...

In any event the key to the Latino and Asian American vote is YOUNG PEOPLE from 21-35 WHO TRADITIONALLY ARE VERY ALIENATED FROM THE POLITICAL PROCESS AND DON'T VOTE. However over HALF of their populations are UNDER THE AGE OF 40 so it will be absolutely crucial for Obama to tap into this youth sector in his campaign. I'm sure Obama knows all this and has Latino and Asian American organizers out on the ground trying to get these people out to vote. If they're successful in recruiting this voting bloc it will help Obama's chances immensely. Otherwise if the opposite is true as it was in 2004 and 2000 it will definitely HURT Obama's chances. Stay tuned...