Thursday, January 10, 2008

On Obama's New Hampshire Loss

A question from my sister Regina:
Kofi - do you smell a rat? How could the polls (in Obama's favor) be so "way off"? In your recent memory do you ever recall polls being so far off?

My response:

There's a RAT alright. It's what's known as "fake polling." In this case the pollsters asked many people who they were going to vote for and they LIED. As one political consultant pointed out on 'The Charlie Rose Show' on PBS yesterday this OFTEN happens with black candidates (he mentioned the race for Mayor of New York in 1989 when David Dinkins was running and for Governor of Virginia around the same time when Doug Wilder ran as examples of this). Of course in those two particular instances the black candidate actually wound up winning the overall race but in most other cases the black candidate ends up losing because white voters tell the pollsters one thing and wind up doing another.. The Clinton camp could also have easily "set up" a number of actual voters to give fake or erroneous information (and probably did) to throw off the polls and create the false impression that Obama was ahead, thus slowing down the possible turnout of other potential voters who erroneously bel ieved he was going to win big in New Hampshire as all the major newspapers, polls, and other major media outlets (including the Internet) clearly indicated he was. This is all the more reason why black voters in particular CAN'T TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED in the upcoming primary elections over the next 2-4 weeks...