Sunday, February 17, 2008

SF Chronicle on the Latino Vote

Click here for a very interesting and informative article in today's SF Chronicle

BTW: The middle of the article not only talks openly about the Latino vote in this election and its actual relationship to the African American voting bloc in the U.S. but also makes the open admission that I've been making since Day One in these daily missives that it was the heavy national Latino vote of 43% for the Bushwhacker in 2004 that constituted the REAL margin of victory for the Republican's presidential victory (and NOT--as have been relentlessly and ERRONEOUSLY asserted by far too many people who you would think know better --the fault of Ralph Nader)...

As far as I recall this is the FIRST TIME EVER that a major American newspaper has ADMITTED the fact that the Latino vote (and the 45% endorsement of the Bushwhacker by Asian American voters in 2004) is what actually led to Kerry and the Democrats being defeated in the last election. I also hope that this article's analysis of the Texas primary is on the mark and that the black voting bloc and (possibly) YOUNGER LATINO VOTERS can make the difference there for Obama (having said that however I gotta admit that I'm not yet personally fully convinced that Obama will triumph in Texas by pulling off a much larger percentage of the Latino vote there than he has anywhere else--California and New York alone gave Clinton 75% of their votes.

If there was ever a classic example of that deadly flaw in American politics of a voting bloc that CONSISTENTLY votes AGAINST its own self interest in presidential elections it's the Latinos--very sad to say. Let's truly hope THEY WAKE UP IN TIME to realize that NEITHER Obama NOR the national black community is their political enemy--unlike the majority of Republican white voters AND many white Democrats as well (as quiet as it's kept). As the beautiful (and politically savvy) Mexican American actress Eva Longoria said in an interview in 2005 "My people have to realize who our REAL FRIENDS AND ENEMIES ARE in politics and stop voting for people who mean us nothing but harm." AMEN Eva!

Speaking of Eva who's widely considered by many to be one of the most beautiful women in the world check this out (from Wikipedia): Eva Longoria Parker was born Eva Jacqueline Longoria in Corpus Christi, Texas, the daughter of Mexican-American Catholic parents, Enrique Longoria, Jr. (born in Rachal, Brooks County, Texas) and Ella Eva Mireles (married in Falfurrias, Brooks County, Texas). Her ancestry traces to Southern Mexican immigrants who immigrated to the United States. She has three older sisters: Elizabeth Judina, Emily Jeannette, and Esmeralda Josephina. The family lived and worked on farmland that had been handed down to them from past generations, but they often had very little money; Enrique and Ella struggled for many years to give their children a decent upbringing.

Eva showed viewers an introspect into the hardship she faced in her formative years growing up poor on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2006; she took cameras on location to the family farm, and showed how spartan they were still living. Longoria admitted that things looked slightly better for them financially, only when she made it in show business. In an interview with Dateline's Stone Phillips, Longoria also revealed the snubbing she received from her siblings. She said "I grew up as the ugly duckling. They used to call me 'la prieta fea,' which means 'the ugly dark one.'"
That's right folks: RACISM NEVER SLEEPS... NOTE: Ironically In 2007 Ms. Longoria married her boyfriend Tony Parker--a black man born and raised in Paris, France who is a famous guard on the world champion NBA basketball team San Antonio Spurs...