Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Letters To My Sisters

I'm sorry sister but the current situation is actually FAR WORSE than the Clintons bickering over the sideline issue of "major states." These vile attacks on Obama are exacting a tremendous toll on the democratic process itself and putting not only the Democratic Party nomination and future nominee in grave political and personal jeopardy but is systematically tearing the entire national Democratic Party APART. There are FIVE MORE MONTHS BEFORE THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONVENTION IN AUGUST. I GUARANTEE you that the process and the Party itself (let alone the candidates--and especially Obama) will NOT survive five more months of this criminal onslaught by the vicious Clinton Machine. THIS CAN'T POSSIBLY CONTINUE TO GO ON IN ITS PRESENT STATE OR NO ONE WILL SURVIVE!

Forget about the murderous Republicans in the national election. The Democratic Party and their nominee will be BURNT TOAST way before the national campaign for the presidency even begins. Obama especially is being exposed to REAL DANGER if this process comes down to relentlessly attacking his HUMANITY. The poisonous racist tone injected into the election by Billary, Inc. is more lethal and and destructive than anything the KKK could even CONCEIVE let alone execute!

Don't you see what the REAL STAKES are in this election? These loathsome attacks are not only a vicious assault on Obama but by direct implication the ENTIRE AFRICAN AMERICAN PEOPLE AND ESPECIALLY OUR NATIONAL VOTING BLOC who as I've pointed out many times before have consistently been the most loyal and dependable bloc of Democratic Party voters for the PAST CENTURY. This vile, crude, and thuggish attack on our people and on Barack Obama is a clear and undeniable signal being sent by the DNC, the white male elite who runs the Party--spearheaded by none other than BILL CLINTON himself--and the maniacal ring of racists, pseudo feminists, Karl Rove-like mercenary operatives, and 'dirty trick' fixated political gangsters who currently run Hillary's "campaign."

No, I'm afraid that all this is about far more than an argument about which states are "major" or "minor" in terms of delegate count and making a case for who the nominee should be. In the current atmosphere of racist terror tactics and brazen cynical ploys to buy, manipulate, and steal votes by the Clinton Machine they are not only turning the entire process into a sick, demnted JOKE but are seriously working to DESTROY the only decent candidate the Democratic Party has had in nearly 50 years!

It's a f---ing DISGRACE and as I said if this is allowed to go on and the DNC and other "leaders" within the Democratic Party don't intervene NOW to OFFICIALLY STOP THIS VICIOUS RACE-BAITING not only will the reactionary Republican Party WALTZ TO VICTORY in November but the Democratic Party will be FINISHED as a national organization that African Americans and any other responsible voters could trust, endorse, or support.

Under these circumstances can anyone out there say: IT'S WAY PAST TIME FOR A VIABLE THIRD PARTY IN THIS COUNTRY...

Letter # 2

You know of course that this entire episode with Ferraro was planned and engineered in advance by the Clintons on purpose and that Ferraro's so-called feigning of innocence and resisting the public's and Obama's calls to step down were all AN ACT so that this "story" could remain in the newspapers for a few more days and send a clear RACIST SIGNAL to the white voters in Pennsylvania that the "nigger is coming" and this is why you shouldn't vote for him. Ferraro and the Clintons set this all up so that it would get precisely the public response (pro and con) that it's received. It's all SLIMY PUBLICITY for Billary, INC. and you see how many people have already fallen into the trap--including the media--don't you?

This is what criminal scumbags do. I have absolutely NO RESPECT WHATSOEVER FOR THE CLINTONS AT THIS POINT. NONE, ZERO, NADA, and I hope with all my heart and soul that they get only THE WORSE of what's surely coming their way. They're nothing but liars, thieves, and racist hypocrites and they thoroughly deserve what's "coming around"--as in "What goes around...")