Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Necessity for a New National Movement: A Letter To My Sister


You hit the nail on the head sister and it's what I've been thinking ever since the President took office: WE MUST HIT THE STREETS IN MASSIVE NATIONAL DEMONSTRATIONS IN BOTH D.C. AND IN OUR VARIOUS LOCAL COMMUNITIES TO SAY ESPECIALLY TO THE CONGRESS AS WELL AS OBAMA THAT WE WANT AND NEED THE MAJOR REFORMS THAT WE VOTED FOR WHEN WE ELECTED HIM IN NOVEMBER! It's my wish and urgent desire that a large number of national and local political organizations will finally wake up and begin the necessary task of organizing and coordinating a series of massive demonstrations that will say LOUDLY AND CLEARLY exactly what we all want and need. If we as citizens don't collectively come together in large, broadbased coalitions that puts some systematic political pressure on the House, Senate, and the White House then the wealthy and indifferent political and economic elites in both the Republican and Democratic Party alike will simply continue to feed and pamper the rich and greedy (i. e. the corporations, banks, insurance companies, and Wall Street) at our collective expense as citizens, communities, and consumers.

This kind of collective activity CAN AND MUST BE CARRIED OUT by a very wide range of organizations and groups across this entire nation. It's way past time now to get busy and DO IT. It's100% crystal clear to me that if we don't not only will Obama's domestic agenda be ultimately destroyed (or so weakened and compromised that it will be virtually worthless for the great majority of the American people) but the economy will only get much worse and everything like heathcare, education, housing, social services, and labor rights will suffer accordingly. If the political progressives and the Left generally wants to have any REAL IMPACT on national politics at this time it must immediately go into GRASSROOTS ACTIVIST MODE and like the Civil Rights, Women's Rights, and Labor Union movements of the past DEMAND widespread political, economic, and social change in this country. And this must be put into motion very soon (I would say at least in the next 3 months) before this year is over and everything is stagnating. Besides, Obama and his administration won't survive politically over the next three years if some serious reforms are not fully implemented while this window of historical opportunity still exists. if we all don't want that window to slam shut by the spring of 2010 we have ALL got to get on the stick and make our voices and concerns known and heard NOW before it's too late...


On Jul 10, 2009 Regina wrote

It seems the multiple email "lists" and mailings from Obama surrogates (Biden, Michelle, Gibbs, Plouff, and others) which urge support of various Obama initiatives is not working. Must we take to the streets? It seems I have signed a number of "support" petitions and called my representatives on everything from Health Care Reform, Prison Reform, Social Security Reform, economic proposals, education reform proposals etc....Maybe, there just aren't enough everyday citizens signing theses emails and calling their respective representatives???