Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Letter to and From My Sister regarding Van Jones debacle


That's precisely my point. Obama is being nothing but a political coward in not defending and openly fighting for one of the most important and effective grassroots black political leaders/activists in this country---Van Jones. I guarantee you that Van would NEVER have pushed Barack "under the bus" the way Obama has him in this situation. I'm extremely disappointed in and deeply angry with Barack for not standing up for principle or for his brilliant black colleagues and advisors like Jones who have been nothing but loyal to Obama. I gotta be completely honest here and say that I'M NOT LIKING WHAT I'M SEEING FROM OBAMA THESE DAYS and I haven't been impressed for nearly three months now. It takes genuine courage, integrity, independence, and toughness to be a real leader and personal charm and intelligence ain't nearly enough to compensate in this equation. I'm really sick about Van being forced to resign in this situation and it all reflects VERY BADLY on Obama and his tottering administration. At this rate the racist rightwing maniacs will easily take Obama down and crush him like a bug if he doesn't wake up and grow a pair--and soon. Lately he's been turning into the gutless wonder (wunderkind?) right before our very eyes. I really feel for Van. He deserved much, much better from his "boss."


On Sep 6, 2009, at 8:04 PM, Regina wrote:

Why didn't Obama fight for Van Jones!?! If I was talking to Obama...maybe he would say...it's easier SAID than done...because the bullets are all aimed at him NOT me???? I don't know what to think. On the one hand, Obama would be absolutely right...on the other hand...I still feel like I NEED a fighter now...more than ever!!!!!