Sunday, January 24, 2010

Open letter To My Sister Regarding President Obama's Current Direction


As for Geithner and Summers I said when they were first appointed by Barack to his administration over a year ago that it was a major mistake and he would definitely live to regret it. so did many other people across the country. Like I said before Obama's economic policy team--like his defense and military security team of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, Jim Jones as National Security Advisor, and the former Bush appointee Robert Gates--who Obama incredibly kept on in his own administration as Secretary of Defense (!)--was a blatant indication that Obama was afraid of Wall Street, the corporations, the banks and the Pentagon and that all this would decisively come back to bite him on the ass and eventually help bring down his administration if he didn't appoint entirely different people to these positions.

Now here it is only A YEAR LATER and ALREADY the reactionary sharks smell Obama's blood and are in the water and Obama finds himself completely ON THE DEFENSIVE. As many outright political and personal enemies as Obama surely had and has in Washington and in the elitist circles in new York you would have thought the brother was savvy and streetsmart enough to COVER HIS OWN DAMN BACK. But alas he arrogantly thought that he was simply intelligent and CHARMING enough to SEDUCE people out of their hatred, fear, and ideological opposition on his own without standing up to their bullying and disdain. He also thought as anobsessive CONTROL FREAK he could FINESSE AND MICROMANAGE all the many problems, contradictions, and conflicts automatically induced by a black man becoming President in one of the most racist societies on earth. Clearly like all cocky muthafuckas who depend FAR TOO MUCH on their individual EGOS Barack erroneously thought he could simply sidestep these monumental conflicts and still come up smelling like a rose. That's just how DELUSIONAL you can become about yourself if you don't simply STAND ON PRINCIPLE and refuse to knuckle under to your enemies just because they don't "like it" or "like you."
WHAT I WANNA SAY TO BARACK IS THIS: IT AIN'T ABOUT BEING LIKED ALL THE TIME. AS A LEADER SOMETIMES YOU HAVE DO WHAT IS RIGHT DESPITE BEING FIERCELY HATED OR DISAGREED WITH. That's what REAL LEADERS have to contend with no matter WHO they are and personal EGO does not enter into it. You have to know and do the right thing even if your nearest and dearest don't completely "understand" or "agree" with you. Barack has yet to learn that fundamental lesson and that is what is kicking his ass at the moment politically. And dig this: Until such time as he courageously ABANDONS the fear, confusion, depression, and indecision that comes with not being "personally liked" (which in this public context is not only futile and illusory but shallow as well).

If Barack is not very careful he and his presidency will end up like Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter--two Democratic Party presidents who both compromised their principles far too much and far too often with the reactionary assholes who opposed them, and wound up FAILING to be the Presidents they could and should have been by depending far too much on their own EGOS to guide and distort their ability to LEAD the country. I hope Barack learns the lessons of the past year (and especially the last horrendous week that included losing Ted Kennedy's seat in the Senate, the reactionary Supreme Court decision on behalf of wealthy corporations and against the American people, and the breakdown of his national healthcare reform proposals which are at this point another complete political failure caused by not only the Republicans but himself and the rest of the Democratic Party as well). Right now I gotta be honest and say THINGS DON'T LOOK GOOD AT ALL. So unless and until Barack wakes up from this self induced political COMA he's currently in both he and the rest of us are--how shall I put this?--O yeah--FUCKED!

The name of the brilliant brother who Obama let go after public pressure from of all people the insane rightwing racist maniac GLENN BECK is VAN JONES who still lives and works here in OAKLAND. Remember the articles and essays I wrote about him in The Panopticon Review last year? (see the following link):


On Jan 23, 2010, at 12:15 PM, Regina wrote:

Yes. Also, Keith Olbermann added Sumners and Geithner to this list of Obama appointees that many people want to see go. I wonder if Obama will have the guts to remove them? He certainly didn't hesitate to remove that Environmental/Green African American appointee - I can't recall his name right now...