Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Open letter From Amiri Baraka on President Obama, the Far Right, and What the Left Must Do Now

Marvin & Kofi: Why are you all different from the Tea Parties?

It is easy to pop Charlie Rangel up side his head ($6000 shoes & all) than to effectively attack the real enemy. I said about Rangel that the reason he is being attacked is that with his die hard support of Hilary, he had separated himself from his constituency, So his (and our) enemies pounced..

During the campaign I had written once when he was in his “death ground” support of Hilary Clinton, “Strangle Rangel”! Well, now somebody Has or is trying. And for the reasons I gave. Our enemies saw that he had gotten too far removed from his constituency. That isolation bid the attack!

The “sidestepping” Rangel did is very common among that congressional crowd, but we are not them nor represented by them, and we must demand integrity from those who represent us, they are so few, and our expectations of them so high. But, predictably, the response to Rangel’s doing is very different. Is it coincidence that it was Rangel who unseated the most famous Black congressman, Adam Clayton Powell, just as the House slave catchers expelled him from the House. Just as Rangel was chair of the powerful Ways & Means committee, till the ethics committee’s actions against him, so Powell was the First Afro American elected to congress to represent Harlem. He also became chairman of the powerful Education & Labor committee. He too was charged with ethics violations and expelled by the 90th congress.

The fact that, indeed, , there is a double standard in relationship to everything in America should not be news. One standard for the rulers, the corporations , the banks who are racist thieves and their synchophants. And another for everybody else. (Even for President Obama!) And the fact that both Rangel and Powell had reached power stations that are guarded jealously by the historic legacy of white supremacy. Certainly, Obama as President of the United States has set off the “GET HIM!” alarm throughout racist America. You can hear and see and read slave catchers blood hounds over all US communications systems.

So that it is distressing to read nominally intelligent black commentators lending their yowl to the hounds. Kofi Natambu’s characterization of President Obama as “gutless” is neither accurate nor does it add to the call for an anti –racist, anti monopoly united front. A call for the progressive democratic coalition that elected Obama to re-group and fight the right. We may, we have to, criticize Obama for his shortcomings, but our main fight is against the resurgent right wing.

Whenever there is reform or victory for the people, the reaction, the back lash, will be sharp. The slaves thought they were “free” after the Emancipation Proclamation. The Ku Klux Klan and Black Codes were the reaction to that assumption of equal rights and democracy for the ex-slave. The destruction of Reconstruction itself was the result of this reaction. By 1915 Blacks could not vote anywhere in the south!

We are in the same situation today. Obama’s victory was a people’s victory. Are you saying that one year later it was a fraud and that we would be better off with McCain (who is now attacking the immigrants in Arizona , remember he is a successor to Barry Goldwater in the state that opposed celebration of Dr. King’s birthday)? Instead of calling for the restoration of the Progressive Democratic coalition that elected Obama to close ranks to the fight the Right, in Unity & Struggle Marvin X calls Obama “a neo-colonial nigguh”. How are you, with such attitudes, different from the House Party retards?

Political Visionary of Note

In The sixties

George Romero warned us

About the Tea Parties to come

With his Night of the Living Dead

They, along with, Murdoch’s right wing Zionist slanted propaganda weapons( News Corporation NY Mirror, Wall St. Journal, Fox, channel 9, 11, HUNDREDS OF LOCAL CHANNELS, bombard us hourly with anti-Obma fusilades. Anointed imbeciles like the O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Sarah Palin who backed Schlesinger with the N word as 1st amendment denial. The courts told me I had no first amendment rights for Questioning Israel in the poem—Somebody Blew Up America – Apparently Palin’s handlers just want her to be a propagandist of the far, obviously any idea of running for president she has tongue -whipped into submission.

It is the vicious retards of Monopoly Capitalism who should be the main focus of our resistance. Of course we must criticize Obama but in the spirit of Unity Criticism Unity, We must demand that he lead the fight against our enemies. That struggle is always between Private Ownership and Public Development. Even after the Freedman’s bureau dispensed land to the ex-slaves after the Civil War. Lincoln and his generals had to fight private enterprise from seizing this land. Even today whether it is the Health Care struggle, Regulation of the banks and financial operations, or even opposition to the wars, it is always private ownership , super profiteers, that are our main enemies and these the Corporations, Banks, their lobbyists and running dogs who are our main enemies. Not Obama who should not be expected to overthrow the principal instruments of imperialism –monopoly capitalism just a year after becoming President. It is an infantile leftist bitter idealism that must be analyzed and discarded. No matter how frustrated we are with what it seems Obama is not doing, We must remember that even the microscopic reforms that he has made are actually monumental if we remember what we faced just a year and a half ago.

We must Fight The Right. That is Principal!! We should not let our frustration add to the chorus of would be super profiteers, corporate vampires, and right wing pseudo populists like the billionaire supported tea parties and the right wing Zionist media lord, Murdoch. We should remember the Weimar Republic , Germany’s last democratic government, which allowed Hitler to rise to power, while the “Left”, the Social Democrats, The Communists, The Progressives were arguing whether they had a socialist government or not! Unity Struggle Unity among the People’s Forces. Not an Inch to Reaction! Fight the Right. Death to Fascism!

Amiri Baraka