Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Keith Olbermann Eloquently and Forcefully Calls the President Out On His Bullshit


The brilliant Keith Olbermann--one of the most consistently outstanding and courageous journalists of our time-- performs a searing and breathtaking vivisection of the lies, empty platitudes, self serving evasions, egomania, and sheer cowardice masquerading as self sacrificing martyrdom in President Obama's ludicrous and thoroughly dishonest and insipid "defense" during today's press conference of his cave in to the Republicans on the Bush Tax cuts yesterday. A video link of Obama's utterly pathetic performance earlier today follows tonight's 'Special Comment' video of Mr. Olbermann from his award-winning program 'Countdown' on MSNBC below.


President Obama Defends His Bush Tax Cuts Deal with Republicans (Click on the following video links for viewing)