Friday, December 10, 2010

Ralph Nader and Others Call for a National Leftist Challenge To President Obama


This panel discussion on Lawrence O'Donnell's political talk show on MSNBC yesterday was by far the best overall discussion I've heard/seen yet of what the real stakes are in the current fight within the Democratic Party over Obama's abject and cynical capitulation to the Republicans with regard to his "compromise" two year extension of the heinous Bush Tax Cuts for the super wealthy. Everyone was excellent in this discussion with the highest honors going to the always amazingly prescient and still absolutely extraordinary 76 year old Ralph Nader, and the very impressive now ex-Democratic congressional representative from Florida Alan Grayson (who was unfortunately sacrificed in the now infamous November 2 Midterm elections in which the Republicans won the highest number of seats in Congress in a midterm election since 1948!) Check it out for a critical assessment with real teeth and intellectual clarity in it. Nader is a man who truly understands American politics in a profound sense and realizes that our job on the Left is not to sit idly back and kiss the President's clearly opportunist, inept, and transparently manipulative ass but to fight intelligently and courageously for what's right no matter what the odds are or appear to be. Finally, a very significant number of experienced, serious, and truly dedicated people on the Left generally are beginning to wake up from the national stupor and almost zombie-like state they've been in since Obama came to power...Check out and view the video link below. You won't be disappointed...