Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Courage and Clarity of Keith Olbermann On The True Meaning of the Debt Crisis Fiasco

"To The Streets"‬‏
Keith Olbermann's Special Comment of August 1, 2011
Current TV


The truly great thing about the amazing Keith Olbermann is that he cares far more about truth, honesty, and justice than he does in pretending that any real, decent, and intelligent journalist can possibly remain "objective" and 'dispassionate' about the fundamental realities and conflicts of our time and the extraordinary impact that they have on actual human lives TODAY. This is what the 'free press/free media' was really designed to do despite the disgusting fact that very few journalists in this country very rarely ever take this grave responsibility seriously. As always thank you Keith for your brilliance, your courage, and your relentless, unflagging commitment to actually educating others and always communicating in a mature and engaging manner with your audience. If only there were far more like you in this increasingly backward and corrupt society...