Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy Oakland Nov. 2, 2011-- General Strike Day in Oakland, California



Today--Wednesday, November 2, 2011--marked a truly pivotal day in the now five week old and counting Occupy Wall Street movement nationwide and particularly here in the city of Oakland, California where the Occupy Oakland branch of this courageous and heroic mass democratic movement has not only collectively encountered, opposed, and prevailed over blatant police abuse and brutality, but has called for and successfully led a General Strike in the city that was able to shut down the fifth largest port in the entire country. The call for the strike, the first General Strike of workers and consumers in this city since 1946 was the direct result of demonstrators and organizers collectively deciding to actively respond in a concerted nonviolent manner to the reactionary violence inflicted on U.S. citizens exercising their human, civil, and constitutional rights to freedom of speech and assembly in general, and in direct mass support of, and solidarity with, former U.S. marine and Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen who was seriously wounded
by the Oakland police (he suffered a fractured skull) while demonstrating with fellow Occupy Oakland colleagues last tuesday, October 25 during a mass rally and march downtown near City Hall. The wonderful photographs taken above by Chuleenan is a sampling of the General Strike rally and demonstration held by Occupy Oakland in the general downtown area and the City Hall plaza.

WE ARE THE 99%!!