Monday, May 20, 2013

Long Live the 13th Annual Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival and the Eastside Arts Alliance of Oakland, California!


For the past thirteen years since 2001 the East Side Arts Alliance (ESAA) a wonderfully dynamic community based multicultural/multiracial center of the arts, culture, and politics  located in the heart of Oakland, California has been sponsoring an annual and now legendary day long public celebration of the life, work, and legacy of famed revolutionary icon Malcolm X (1925-1965) in Oakland's San Antonio Park on Malcolm's birthday.  Known officially as the Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival, this free festival brings together thousands of people from the entire SF Bay area to actively participate in, witness, and enjoy the extraordinary display of outstanding local and nationally acclaimed artists, poets, dancers, singers, community activists, and musicians who openly and joyously invoke the power, dignity, strength, and sheer creative depth of the the spirit of Malcolm, one of the most important and pivotal figures of the 20th century.

This past saturday May 18, 2013 (one day before Malcolm's official birthdate) the always tireless and heroic staff of ESAA delivered yet another incredible day of programming that featured an inspiring cast of major artists and activists (see detailed schedule of the participants below) who kept a massive and very enthusiastic crowd of people from the entire Bay area enthralled for eight straight hours of music, dance, poetry, speeches, and and an equally large and eclectic mix of vendors selling everything from food and drink to literature, T-shirts, clothing, CDs, DVDs, and other goods.  As we have for the entire 13 year old history of this annual event, my wife Chuleenan and I thoroughly enjoyed the incredible synthesis and expression of art, culture, politics, and community unity in glorious celebration of and deep gratitude for of one the most significant and inspiring African American human beings to grace this planet, and the profound legacy that his spiritual presence and visceral memory continues to invoke in our lives.  Thank you Eastside Arts Alliance for keeping that spirit and that ongoing reality alive and well via the Malcolm X Jazz Festival.  What follows is a wonderful compilation of onsite photos by Chuleenan of the event and the many people in Oakland and the East Bay who made it  all happen once again.  ENJOY...


 13th Annual Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival!

Saturday, May 18th    11am-7pm   Free!
San Antonio Park  18th ave & Foothill

Limited edition prints and t-shirts of our beautiful festival poster will be available for sale at the EastSide Arts Alliance table - don't miss out!

Main Jazz Stage:

Samba Ngo
Howard Wiley Trio
Tribute to John Coltrane & Wayne Shorter
The Pre Integration Jazz Band ft. the Magnificent 7
Faye Carol - Freddie Hughes - Johnny Tolbert - John Turk - Jules Broussard - Danny Armstrong - Chester Thompson

Mike Dream Courts:

Nu Dekades - Dimensions Dance Company - Mighty High Dreamers - The Clique - Queens D. Light & Themhellas - The Turf Fienz - MoonCandy - Alien Art Gang - DJ Wonway & The Latin Soul Brothers Bike Valet by the Bikery

Katherine Dunham Dance Stage:

Tribute by Dr. Albirda Rose's Village Dancers & I.F.D.T.C. - Stemela and Baba Achebe's South African Boot Dance - Diamano Coura West African Dance Company

Javad Jahi Stage:

Oakland and Bay Area Community Leaders Speak Out!  Live Painting by EastSide Visiting Omiiroo

Plus our Graf Court by Visual Element, Children's Area by Rice and Beans Family Cooperative, & Food Courts & activities!