Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More Comments on NAACP

More comments from one of my sisters:

How sobering...I know you speak the TRUTH...I wish more people did AND would...ESPECIALLY in corporate America...I see it everyday - a bunch of ass-kissin sellout's...it's so tiring...what's most frustrating is: "you know, that they know, that that's what their doing" but they do it anyway, cause as you put it ..they do not have genuine love and concern for their own people (and obviously themselves). Other names that come to mind include Justice Clarence Thomas and the infamous Mr. Ward Connerly who headed the drive in California to end Affirmative Action. While, people like Ron Brown and Reginald Lewis of the Beatrice Foods Company, after announcing he wanted to take his company public i.e., to Wall Street, - died under "mystrious" circumstances!!!

Speaking of "billionaires" and endorsements - what do you think about Oprah's and John Kerry's endorsement of Obama?