Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Casual Racism by Sr. Producer at CNN

So you wanna know how truly vicious, destructive, ignorant, reactionary, murderous, and CASUAL racism is in this country? Check out this heinous racist propaganda by some media CRETIN named "Chez" a now former whitemale SENIOR PRODUCER AT CNN...(click on the link below entitled "Deus Ex Machina" for biographical details written by this moron)...As you might imagine this asshole was FIRED for what "Chez" considers to be a mere "joke" (yeah A JOKE--like all those other HILARIOUS events in American history that people like "Chez" have so generously contributed to American life and culture like slavery, Jim Crow segregation, lynching, rape, assassination, economic exploitation, denial of human rights, etc., etc. adinfinitum, ad NAUSEA (and that's all the Latin I know)...The great writer and activist Ishmael Reed sent this to me today to share with all yall...

By the way: Do you wanna "laugh" some more? I want to share with you my currently "favorite" GALLOWS HUMOR "joke" with ya. The "joke" is by CHRIS ROCK. Ready? Here goes: "I hired a group of white writers to work with me on my TV show. They told me that they all looked forward to having the "black experience",,,SO I FIRED THEM!"....FUNNY, HUH?...



From: ishmael reed
Date: February 13, 2008 12:21:01 PM PST
Subject: Re: With a Surge in Momentum, Obama Makes His Case - New York Times


This is the kind of mf that cable awards power. they fired him, but not before this. his boss, dan abrams,
a mark furhman and imus fan is the kind of guy goebbels would have hired.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Is Barack Obama Gonna Have to Choke a Bitch?

DISTRIBUTION: Metropolitan Northeast
RUN TIME: 30 Seconds


(Spot opens with patriotic music and fade-in to giant, billowing American flag -- which then efx flashes with "record scratch sfx" to graffiti image of American flag on brick wall in random "ghetto-esque" environment. Hillary Clinton jumps out in front of backdrop dressed in Baby Phat rhinestone-studded baseball cap tilted sideways with matching hot-pants, large gold rings, diamond-stud earrings, counterfeit Gucci sunglasses and Sean John hoodie over t-shirt emblazoned with image of machine-gun-weilding Tony Montana.)

Waaaazzzzaaaaap!!! (Throwing gang signs)

Mizzus Clinton in the hizzay!!!

I'm comin' at you today to let y'all know that my campaign is off the chain. Word! See that? I'm a poet and didn't know it!


You know, a lot of people been sayin' lately that I'm not down with the regular people -- and that's why Barack Obama's beating me like Ike beat Tina.

We all know what happened last week in Iowa, and now it looks like he's got a double-digit lead over me going into tomorrow's New Hampshire primary.

But I gotta drop some knowledge on you -- I call bullshit on that.

I know I come off like a cold beeyatch sometimes, but that just ain't who I really am, know what I'm sayin'? So it's time for my fellow average Americans to meet the real Hil-C. That punk Barack ain't got shit on me when it comes to knowing how to inspire all y'all in the minority community, plus, you know, everybody else.

So from now on, I'm keepin' it real.

True dat!

You see, I got mad skillz. Barack? He's just frontin'. When it comes time to deal with haters around the world, I can Git-r-done!!! Oh wait, that's the ad I'm cutting to run in Edwards country -- sorry. Seriously though, Barack's just layin' down a rap. I'm the the one who can get the job done. See, there it is again -- I'm even a better rapper than him. You've gotta love that! Right? RIGHT?

How can I prove that I'm not just some silly white chick who'll say anything to get elected? Well, how about this promise: On my first day in office, I'm designating a new holiday -- National Crunk Day! And did I mention that I'm gonna appoint Wu-Tang Clan as my entire cabinet and my running-mate's gonna be Dolemite?!


Besides -- who's really in-touch with the brotherman? An Uncle Tom bitch like Barack Obama, or a woman who's married to Bill Clinton. Hell y'all, Bill's got more black inside him than Barack -- at least he's been inside more black women.

How many illegitimate children does Barack have?

Uh-huh, I thought so. Black my, uh, white ass.

So remember to vote for me this primary season -- not Barack Obama.

And put some "real niggaz" back in the White House.

(Track: I'm Hillary Clinton, and I approved this message yo!)


Posted by Chez at 12:55 PM

Calitri said...
Way to drop some fucking knowledge on us Hill-hill. Yeah Dog! I knew your were a semi-sweet honey of a righteous bitch. Damn, you slayed (sleighed?) that fucker. Don't hurt 'em Hill, don't hurt 'em. Nothing wack about how you clowned him. Putting it down for a brotha (or sista).

Now get that fine white ass back to the kitchen. Those collard greens won't fix themselves.

Word! Snap! Word snap!


3:01 PM
Suzy said...
i think i just came.

3:05 PM
Anonymous said...
Good copy but no way it would fit in a :30 spot.

12:25 PM
Chez said...
Jesus, I wonder why I don't mind getting the hell out of TV news.

12:35 PM
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