Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tavis Smiley Is a Fool

Tavis's bullshit attitude and disgraceful attempt to upstage Obama is


Because the State of the Black Union is the largest independent black political event of the year (broadcast NATIONALLY ON C-SPAN) Clinton is going to be the only politician there since Tavis childishly rejected Michelle Obama (who's TEN TIMES the political sophisticate, orator, and organizer-- activist than Tavis WILL EVER BE). Meanwhile Hillary is floundering in all the polls and has lost 8 straight primaries to Obama and is on the verge of losing her 9th straight in Wisconsin on February 19th, has fired both her campaign manager and her deputy, is suffering from various staff defections nationwide, and is seeing her once 20-point lead in the crucial upcoming March 4 primary in Texas EVAPORATE before her very eyes and is SHELLSHOCKED from the ongoing massive BEATDOWNS Obama is inflicting on her in one state after another, is strapped for campaign funds--so much so that she and Bill have put $5 million out of their OWN POCKET into the campaign, and is watching her once vaunted and feared political machine eaten alive by the consistently brilliant strategic and tactical onslaught of the Obama forces...and in the midst of all this--Tavis "I'm just a jealous PBS talk show host" Smiley throws this TIMEBOMB into the mix that is GUARANTEED to do FOUR THINGS ONLY: 1) Destroy whatever personal and political credibility he has left with his once longtime friend and colleaage Barack Obama 2) Create nothing but unnecessary and chaotic bitterness, confusion, and DIVISION between pro-Obama and anti-Obama voters in not only the black community nationwide, but among white, Latino, and Asian American voters as well, and 3) Hurt Obama politically because he's absent from the conference as I said earlier as a result of Tavis's REFUSAL to accept Barack's very reasonable and gracious offer of having his wife Michelle act as his political and personal surrogate at the conference, and 4) HELP HILLARY CLINTON in the upcoming big primaries in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania which are pretty much going to be the decisive factors in WHO BECOMES THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE this year.

These reactionary, boneheaded, and incredibly STUPID "playa hatin'" ANTICS on Tavis's part is nothing but an expression of super petty ENVY AND JEALOUSY on Smiley's part because his old friend Barack is running for President (and winning!) and Tavis is still just a lowly PBS talk show host and NOT (in his infantile mind) THE GRAND POOBAH OF THE BLACKS (sounds like a bad lodge name doesn't it?). This is nothing but a POLITICAL DISASTER that comes at the exact wrong time for ALL the wrong reasons, under the wrong circumstances, and sponsored by the wrong man to help tarnish and sabotage one of the finest political moments in modern (African) American history. I have nothing but the greatest contempt and loathing for Tavis after this. I really wish I could put Tavis in the hospital for a long time for pulling this ludicrous farce. I really do...