Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tempest in the Teapot in Clinton's Campaign

An email from Regina:

There is also a "tempest in the teapot" brewing"...I just heard on Fox News and CNN that Hilary's Campaign Manager has stepped-down and that there is some other internal bickering going on amongst "Hilary's inside circle of friends that are working on her campaign with regard to "who's in charge?"and some internal charges that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Heads are beginning to the moment the CNN analyst says Hilary is trying to project that everything is cool; but is really isn't. Hilary trying to keep the lid on the teapot!

The Obama campaign should exploit this inability to run a smooth folks said about Bill (when he went left-field)...if you can't effectively manage your campaign, then why should we believe you can effectively manage the White House i.e., being President of the United States.

My response:

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for this very important news and information! The hinges are coming off the vaunted (and clearly overrated) Clinton machine and the entire edifice is crumbling and falling apart right before our very eyes. By trying and failing miserably to manipulate, con, patronize, divide, and BULLY its own most historically loyal electoral base (i.e. African Americans, Latino Americans, the white working and middle class) the Clintons (i.e. 'BILLARY') have committed political suicide and are now trying desperately like a bunch of clueless alcoholic HYSTERICS to drag the entire Democratic Party (and its obvious chances to soundly defeat the Republicans in November) down into the MUD with them. Wisely, Obama has NEVER taken or churlishly responded to the bait--EVER. The huge gap in basic political maturity between the Clintons and Obama is startling and clearly indicative of who is authentically acting like a true leader and who isn't.

Clearly the Clinton machine is headed for a BIG FALL. What's absolutely paramount now is that the rest of the Democratic Party NOT fall into this same suicidal trap and tumble over the hill with them. The key now is what happens at the convention this summer. I'm not worried about Obama's conduct in all of this. I trust he and his team will remain not only independent of this destructive chaos but will also try to provide clarity and leadership by creating a sound and rational ALTERNATIVE to the madness.

I just hope that the REST of the Party doesn't allow the desperate and corrupt antics of the Clinton forces to SABOTAGE the final nomination process and put not only the DP nominee in political jeopardy, but the Party's chances of defeating the Republicans in the national election in November. it's all up to the Democratic Party to discipline the Clintons and allow the nominating process to proceed and conduct its business in a civilized, JUST, FAIR, and competent manner. If the Party succumbs to the Clintons however the Party's and more importantly Obama's chances to beat McCain will be seriously compromised (assuming of course Obama will be the nominee--AS HE SHOULD).

However, if the Clintons prevail in this fight through nefarious means (as seems entirely possible) then I predict the DP's chances for victory in the national election for the Presidency are TOAST and they will have blown the greatest opportunity in modern American political history. Let's all really hope and pray that doesn't happen...